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Interesting Spending Sprees

How would you change your life with your lottery winnings? Some winners choose to invest, some splurge. And then there are the ones whose spending sprees are so extravagant they beg to be highlighted in the media!

With all the great gadgets, cars, beautiful mansions and exotic travel destinations around, it’s understandable that some lottery winners manage to spend their prize within a few years. One Hereford man in particular really treated himself after he won the £5million jackpot in 2008, spending over £100,000 on a brand-new Bentley. Alas, “easy come, easy go” and the businessman destroyed his beautiful Bentley Continental GT by attempted to drive through a flooded road. Of course the car was ruined, but the cheeky winner just replaced the expensive vehicle with a new Mercedes. He has since been nicknamed “Flash Harry” for his extravagant spending sprees. His neighbours and friends remain curious as to how he will waste his winnings in future.

A couple of dedicated Chelsea fans from Cambridgeshire plan to go on a spending spree that will cost them a pretty penny. The two are in fact wishing to invest, which is a wise move when you’re a newly-minted lottery player, but not just in the stocks for Chelsea FC football club – the entire club itself! They have their hearts set on purchasing the Chelsea FC football club from the current owner, the Russia-born Roman Abramovich. Their goal is to make the Chelsea football club British once again, reintroducing the classic English football cuisine of pork pies, chips, mushy peas and pints of the best bitter. Staff members will be all British and ex-Chelsea stars, John Hollins, Chopper Ron Harris and Butch Wilkins will take over management of the team.

Whether you invest your winnings or splurge it all on fun and exciting items and events you couldn’t previously afford, winning the lottery can change your life! Visit PlayUKLottery.com today and get registered to access all your favourite huge lottos!