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The first online casino opened in 1996 and marked the beginning of a worldwide craze, a popular hobby and billion-dollar industry. According to some projections, the profits from online gambling reach 8 billion dollars in 2007 and may double within several years.The key to success for online casinos located in the most characteristic features of the devices from which they were , ne – Conventional casinos (and gambling in general) and the Internet. Its probably the main sources of entertainment for modern people – Gambling offers thrills, excitement and satisfaction of winning, while the Internet provides the resources to do all these thrills and excitement easily accessible to people everywhere. To explore more deeply how the online casinos have borrowed their features from these primary sources, we will take a look at Red Lounge Casino (redloungecasino.com), which is one of the most popular online casinos Britain. What online casinos have in common with traditional brick-and-mortar casinos are primarily glamor normally associated with gambling. To do this glamor come to life in online casinos, internet and advanced technology lent a hand – The stunning graphics at Red Lounge Casino, for example, immediately remove the need for physical presence on the ground to feel the mood – And if you choose to play Bonus Roulette, which is unique to this casino and have a special feature, combined with great 3D graphics, you will definitely feel so special, as in any traditional casino. Gaming concept and the main forms of gambling is actually borrowed from traditional casinos. Red Lounge, there are four main kinds of casino games: Blackjack, Casino Slots, Roulette, Poker and Casino games, all of which were originally derived from sources other than the Internet. But it is easy to use interface of the casino, the various unique features and generous offer to make these games more interesting and fun to play, especially when gambling takes place from the comfort of the players homes. Added to these features are also some characteristics of online casinos that are unique to them, and have arisen due to the nature of the gambling industry medium. Payouts are usually higher than in conventional casinos. Red Lounge Casino was recently ranked