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eCOGRA strives to improve player confidence and Online Gaming

The eWorld of online gambling, casino reputation King.eCOGRA is a nonprofit, impartial and totally internationalorganization that allows legitimate players to feel comfortableplaying at casinos that have agreed to operate within certainhigher standards for receiving and storing an eCOGRA Seal.It provides participating casinos with one set player sensitiveregulations controlled by independent inspection andenforced of ongoing monitoring.Established in 2003, with the first seasonal clay awarded in early 2004, the eCOGRA shown that it is a serious forenforced vehicle self-imposed regulation and quality assurance, despiteinitial player fears about “independence” itsdirectors. A visit to a watchdog forum can confirm that byand large eCOGRA measures up to its mission “… Being anindependent device that provides important player protection toconsumers, including that companies are honest, games are fair, monetary deposits are safe and winning bets are paid in a timelymanner. “Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA CEO, has taken the time to discusseCOGRA play advocacy and online gambling industry withus. Thanks and welcome, Andrew.CGP: Andrew, what gaming software platforms (except thegiant Microgaming) has been approved by eCOGRAndrew: In addition to Microgaming Virtual Holdings (the parent company of Random Logic software provider to 888.com andPacific Poker) is also a founding member. A newly added member is Ongame, software supplier for PokerRoom.com, so ineffect we now have on board two largest suppliers to the theo-line casino industry, and three of the top six suppliers tothe online poker business. In practice this means that thatseal operations handles good fifty percent of global online casino and poker room business.Its important to understand that we dont actually assign theseal to software vendors, its online gaming site att use the software of our members that are eligible toreceive seal. But the review process is not too includeprobity control of software providers main shareholders andmanagement, a thorough inspection of the entire software development environment and extensive studies softwarefairness.CGP: When do you expect to get approved bingo and sportsbook software and operator At temperatures below the SeaAndrew: Ideal Wed like to be involved in the self-regulationof this part of the industry, but its been a significanteffort just to ensure we are adequately addressing theregulation of online casinos and poker. Even in these areas ITSA continuing effort to ensure that we keep abreast of newdevelopments such as mobile technology and multi-playercasinos. With limited resources and will probably continue focusin foreseeable future on casino and poker because of theirrelative importance in the online gambling industry. For tomaintain our own credibility and that the approved locations weneed to ensure our standards are thoroughly researched, implemented and monitored and there can be no shortcuts inthis process.CGP: Are there any gaming software has been specificallydisapprove If so, what is theAndrew: Prior to a software vendor to join, we makea preliminary assess with any of the independentaudit companies on our Audit Panel as to the organizations , abilityto meet our standards. If compliance seems probable then wellproceed membership process is only as followedby the eGAP inspection. Each of our current members had to do AFAIR amount of work in certain fields before you send theeGAP inspection and we are guided through most of this process which might take up to a year.Its worth noting that we have been contacted by over 30 andre software vendors seeking information about membership, but theconsiderable financial commitment and effort required to complywith our standards makes membership application process alittle harder than what these organizations can initiallyanticipate.CGP: How many online casinos have been denied seal haveany holders seal ever “lost” their seaAndrew: Most of the 55 approved casinos were denied sealfollowing their first inspection. The process is such that theaudit company highlights the areas of non compliance, and thecasino then provided with an opportunity to rectify theseareas. A follow-up inspection is then done on the spot (as werequire evidence that there is appropriatecompliance) and ultimately the site will be allocated sealonce in full compliance with our standards. These are serious anddetailed studies on all aspects of casino operation, in particular short weight on them, interface with the player that andthis requires both commitment and determination on the operators party to pass. In return the trader is not only our seal, but a highly professional, independent business appraisal IT operation that can improve business efficiency andperformance.To date no seal holder has lost seal. We obviously take upareas where compliance has slipped, but as long theinfringement not for material, and a willingness to addressit we allows the operator to rectify theshortcomings within a limited timeframe. Non-conformancethereafter may well lead to seal revoked, and I doknow that our independent directors who control seals compliance committee would not hesitate to act if the Standard was menes flouted.Along with software fairness, Information and plays securityand payment standards, eCOGRA is also involved in politicsand legalities of online gaming.CGP: Andrew, in your opinion, what are the prospects for online gambling Legall Is Britain closer to licensingonline gambling establishment What is eCOGRA makes politicallyto affect online gambling positivelAndrew: Was not really active in legal and politisk front, and there are several industry trade associations whosemain focus on meeting the legal and political agendas oftheir members include software vendors and operators.eCOGRAs primary ; rt on game protection, fair gaming andresponsible operator behavior. Having said that, but we arecurrently advises a number of jurisdictions in the region ofsetting standards and the relevant testing standards methodologies.Developments in the UK is particularly encouraging as foreseen in the new Gambling Act forinteractive games, a new Gambling Commission has been formedto develop and implement rules and offices beensecured in Birmingham, England. Suggesting that the newcontrolling body, chaired by Peter Dean, who is very experiencedin regulation takes a consultative approach that promises wellfor industry when it takes over 2007.Britains new controlling body for the game will be officiallylaunched in October year and is already planning to meetthe industry by next Betting Show, scheduled for 19 and 20 October at Birmingham NEC Pavilion.There is no doubt in my mind that this will be serious andhighly professional regulation, and its good for theindustry in Britain, which is increasingly being perceived as adesirable jurisdiction of respectable companies. That means more protection for the player, and thats a prime objective that we can share.Elsewhere, geographical jurisdictions (eCOGRA driver över international borders) as Alderney, Gibraltar and theIsle of Man are all improving their regulatory climates and som kommer hopefully encourage other licensors to follow suit andimprove control and disputes handling.The progressive development in Britain is being closely watchedby other governments, and will undoubtedly have a beneficial impact through this channel, too.The U.S. remains, as always a confusing legal andpolitical climate where we are unlikely to see positive andwide important improvements in the recognition and regulation ofInternet game in the near future. But I remainoptimistic to the example set by the British, could help introduce a more rational approach there.The prospects in general are very encouraging in my personal opinion, and we will continue to make available to other ourconsiderable legislative experience should they wish to exchange views with us. I think the increasing number of large, professionally successfuland run online gambling companies haveevolved is ideally placed to complement this more regulatedenvironment and we will see more consolidation in the industry med dette new maturity.Most recently, has launched the eCOGRA responsible GamingInitiative , with full support of its seal holders. All site vil be required to carry a prominent Responsible Gaming sectionin the dangers of under-age and problem gambling areexplained. 7 days “cooling” 6 month self-exclusion ordeposit control mechanisms will be granted to players whosuspect they may be in distress. Staff will be on alertfor playing and financial patterns that may indicate anaddictive gambler.CGP: This seems very admirable effort on the part of eCOGRAand seal holders. Tell me about the new ResponsibleGaming initiative. How do you expect the impact on the industry as awhol Do you dependent or underage gambling will simplyavoid eCOGRA Seal casino andrew: It is not our goal – our goal is to identify andexclude underage players so quickly as possible and providefacilities where players with a potential problem may testthemselves and then act accordingly to either abandon gamblingaltogether or exclude themselves for a safe period oftheir select or restrict their accounts. We want to ensure thatour seal casinos do not promote gambling under the age orproblem players, and we seek to educate our staff in theprofessional indicators of a problem gambler, so appropriateadvice may be offered when necessary.In map Our goal is to go much further thanmerely placing a GA link or something similar to seal casinos, although we recognize the outstanding work these organizations do and vil fortsatt to steer troubled players to them.This is a complicated field and we followed our usualpractice to engage with experts in our planning. We havepartnered with specialized international organization G4 som has extensive experience and professional qualifications and ishelping us to design policies and eGAPs, trains casino management and introduce diagnostic tests and ResponsibleGaming facilities for packing operations.The bottom line here is that under-age and addictive games ISA dangerous element for the casino, the player and industry; it causes untold suffering and economic problems, it is morallywrong allow or encourage it, and we are therefore obliged to totaking serious steps to prevent it where we can. CGP: What next Other Do you expect any standards andseal opportunity portal masters and casino affiliateAndrew: Until now I think weve done a reasonably good oflaying foundation for effective self-regulation of online gaming, and I believe our success is reflected in performanceand reputation of the places that have earned our seal.I can not see us setting standards for portal masters andaffiliates, as this is certainly not our area of expertise and weneed to remain focused on our primary ; re objective protectingthe player.The next step is to make consumers more aware of that areresponsible organizations in this industry who are willing toinvest essential to ensure the wellbeing of the players. Söth major focus in the near future will be on marketingand education front, but still be careful toensure that our standards are continually enhanced and sealholders comply. Eventually, aiming tosubstantially improve the credibility of the industry as awhole, and no doubt this will benefit all involved.CGP: We have no doubt of the benefit as well.Thank you Andrew for taking the time to inform us on eCOGRAs competence and his plans. Thank you especially for eCOGRAscontinued efforts on behalf of players and improve imageof online gaming as a whole.Casino Gold Pages, which wants to resolve any player issuesregarding eCOGRA holder listed below, you can find theguidelines and form here: http://www. ecogra.com / dispute.aspeCOGRA Seal Holders ———————- 7 Sultans Casino 777Dragon Casino Aces High Casino All Jackpots Casino All slots casino Arthur Casino Bella Vegas Casino Grand BayCasino on Net Casino UK Casino U.S. Cinema Casino Crazy Vegas Casino Desert Dollar Casino First Web Casino Fortune JunctionCasino Fortune Room Casino Gaming Club Casino Golden Riviera Casino Havana Club Casino Home Casino Jackpot City Casino Jackpot Wheel Casino Jackpots in a Flash Casino Jupiter Club Casino King Neptunes Casino Lake Palace Casino Lucky NuggetCasino Miami Paradise Casino Mummys Gold Casino Orbital CasinoPiggs Peak Casino Platinum Play Casino Reef Club Casino River Belle Casino River Nile Casino Roxy Palace Casino Royal Vegas Casino Ruby Fortune Casino Showdown Casino Slots Royale Casino Spin Palace Casino Sun Vegas Casino Thunder Luck Casino TridentLounge Casino Vegas Palms Casino Vegas Towers Casino Vegas Villa Casino Vegas USACasino Wild Jack CasinoAll by eCOGRA Approved Casinos are profiled here: http://www.casinogoldpages.com/modules.phname=Web_Links&l_op=viewlink&cid=19Our RSS Feed: http://www.casinogoldpages . com / backend.phpOur Website: http://www.casinogoldpages.co