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From the Middle Ages to the 21st century – Humanity’s history is reflected in a single game

The Enlightenment, colonization, the progress of communication, in an age of technology, and recent post-modern era – These periods and trends have each a massive change in the world. And through the whole game Blackjack has remained a lasting favorite casino games. This incredible popularity can be attributed both to the inherent appeal of the game and its ability to adapt to fascinating new forms. The precursor of Blackjack was vingt a un ("21"), first played in the 17th Century France. Vingt a un differed from modern Blackjack in some small areas, it offered an exciting mix of luck and strategy game not unlike the modern games. As a result, a favorite game in the French colonists, headed to the New World. And it would be in this new country the opportunity to play with enormous potential would blossom.It actually was in America that the game was named "Blackjack" and took on its modern form. Facilitated by travel and communication, play Blackjack became very popular across the continent and back in Europe – So popular that the U.S. government introduced rules forbidding it and turned it into an underworld game in the U.S., without however managed to undermine its growing popularity. Many new varieties until the game traveled the world, but this growth was unimportant compared to the next big trend – The advent of computers, the Internet and the widespread availability of advanced technology. Blackjack spread like wildfire soon after the first online casino originated in the mid-1990s. Those who wanted to play Black Jack simply have to log onto an online casino and select a game to suit their tastes. Online casinos have helped eliminate many of the reasons that Black Jack could not be played before they made access nearly universal, free, and gambling did not have to respect the limitations of time and space – All the necessary players had internet access and desire to play. The period of the existence of online casinos roughly coincides with the advent of postmodernism in art and its various manifestations in everyday life. conventional connections ceased to exist, it was possible for an entity to have several nearly independent aspects. physical result of this phenomenon was a plethora of new things, a break from convention and the emergence many variations and intermixing of genres. This is actually applicable to online blackjack. For example, if you log in at the Red Lounge Casino (redloungecasino.com), which is one of the most popular online casinos in Britain, there is a very wide variety of Blackjack games, ranging from relatively conventional versions for spæ ; exciting hybrids with other casino games and variants ideal to cater for the taste of non-mainstream gamers. Playing Blackjack has actually evolved remarkably from the 17 century France to sleek modern laptops, but this development would hardly have been possible without the games inherent ability to challenge analytical thinking and a diverse and exciting games.