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Why are so many online casinos on the internet

Have you ever wondered why there are so many online casinos, we I have worked in the business for about five years now and it amazes me how casinos are literally shoot the week on the Internet. And not just on the English-speaking Internet. Have a search around and yoll find the same story for German, Italian, Chinese and Turkish searches. Have you ever wondered where they all come back when I first started looking around, Could I just get my head around it. After all, running definitely an online casino is not that BASI You must deliver games that take bets, pay a customer service team and the sea even gone into all the legal resposibilities you have to manage.Well her my understanding of situation.There are the major brands of course, companies such as 888 and Party Poker has more often than not listed on an exchange. They develop and market their business much like a traditional brick and mortar retailer would. They invest in building the games, find out how to handle transactions online and employs a large staff to handle customer service, legal work and other issues. And then another team to market their products both online and offline.Then there are software companies like Microgaming and Playtech. And this is where it starts to get complicated. These companies would rather differ from the actual business taking bets (from any play roulette for example). They focus exclusively on developing the latest online casino games and then license it out to other companies who then market games under various brands and logos.This is the Internet, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to design a beautiful front for the same game – in fact some firms may have 5 or 6 different designs or online casino brands that they promote, in the belief that they will get a bigger bite of the market if they have more vareities on offer (on the old strategy that chocolate manufacturers hit many years ago). As much as you have plain Cadbury, yoll Chocolate and Nut Cadbur’s and Chocolate and raisins Cadburs also find River Belle Casino Lucky Nugget Casino and The Gaming Club Casino, all marketed by a company called Belle Rock Gaming. All 3 casinos are much the same, except the color and graphics of course.Now, remember that the number of companies developing software is also increasing, and you have a situation where you get exponential signifi Growth. More and more software companies with several marketing companies in turn introduces more and more brands.So where does it all again, while the online casino market continues to experience stellar Groth, the story is likely to remain the same. When the curve flattens out, however, is people will start to realize that it is cheaper to retain existing customers than acquire new ones, and fewer strong brands will win in the long run. Until then, do your research before you play, there are plenty of great casino review sites out there.And think about the reverse of all this competition, these companies have to signifi re generous when attracting new business with incentives and bonuses give aways.