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Comment on How to Uninstall and Re-Install Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) in Windows 7 by Fco.Simón González Ferreira

Posted on 14th June 2014

Comment on How to Uninstall and Re-Install Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) in Windows 7 by Fco.Simón González Ferreira
Comment on How to Uninstall and Re-Install Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) in Windows 7 by Fco.Simón González Ferreira Operating Systems Jan 12, 2010 My Digital Life Editorial Team 35 Comments How to Uninstall and Re-Install Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) in Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) is the default and factory-installed media player that comes with Windows 7, and WMP12 does not have standalone setup installer available for free download. As such, Windows 7 users cannot uninstall and install Windows Media Player 12 manually. In fact, there is no entry of WMP12 in “Programs and Features” that allows uninstallation or removal. There is chance that user may need to uninstall, remove and then re-install Windows Media Player 12, such as to fix WMP corruption (possibly due to attempt to downgrade or convert WMP12 to WMP11), or to reset and re-configure Windows Media Player. For WMP 12 in Windows 7, here’s the steps to uninstall or re-install Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center (which will be removed if WMP is removed as it relies on WMP). Click on Start button, and open Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features. Click on Turn Windows features on or off in the left pane. Expand Media Features. Uncheck (untick) check box for Windows Media Player. Click Yes to continue when prompted with dialog box saying: The following Windows features will also be turned off because they are dependent on Windows Media Player. Do you want to continue? Windows Media Center Other Windows features and programs installed on your computer might also be affected, including default settings. Click OK to remove WMP and WMC, and quit. Restart computer. To re-install Windows Media Player and/or Windows Media Center again, follow these steps: Open Turn Windows features on or off again. Check (tick) the checkbox for Windows Media Player and/or Windows Media Center. Restart computer. Windows Media Player 12 will be reinstate and reset. Launch Windows Media Player, and re-initialize the program. Tip: If for some reason the re-installation of WMP and WMC is not clean, once uninstalled, try go to %ProgramFiles% (and %ProgramFiles(x86)% for 64-bit OS) folder, and delete the Windows Media Player folder. Also read How to Minimize Windows 7 Media Player (WMP12) to Taskbar as Mini Toolbar (Taskband/Deskband) How to Downgrade Windows Media Player 12 to Install WMP 11 on Windows 7 Hack to Change Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) Library View Background Image How to Set 64-Bit Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) As Default Player Fco.Simón González Ferreira I did it all as said up above and….¡did not Work! michal is there one for windows 8?? VAL By the way for those who has Win7N – Microsoft website has a KB downloadable fix / install for WMP12 : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/windows/download-windows-media-player VAL The following helped me to open library in WMP: open Action Center (by clicking on the flag next to your clock or find it in Control Panel)Then Troubleshooting on the bottom-> PROGRAMS in the new window . then chose the problem u have with WMP. I have had 3 lines about WMP. One of them is to fix library. If you have diff problem try to fix all of them . Of coz reinstalling with method above should solve it all. But I didn’t want to reinstall Center which is my TV and has got settings I liked. ::.. Erfan ..:: Ooooooh My Gooooooooodddddd .. Perfect .. Perfect .. the best method tanQ tanQ Yung Hove to the Its looked like everyone having a problem windows media fuckin up and stoppin/ open up control panel light the rillo, holla out the window wheres my nintendo/ download updates automatic everyday, install on your ass like Simpson OJ / drama for your mama no I don’t want to see it, the fat kid at the park yeah I used to be it / sucking on my finger then typing on the keys, Windows 95 you couldn’t hardly beat / I hope this helped your problems and WMP woahs, but if it didn’t sorry just umm…suck my toes WOAH! Sue Most of my music disappeared, photos wont open or videos. certain songs wont play what a useless piece of crap this is. When I had music to play and burnt a cd all sorts of music I hadn’t put in the list were burnt. Haven’t been able to burn a cd for yonks, totally useless. When I had xp I could do anything it was fabulous. Tylar Anne Solution worked great, thanks! insane_sob Clean installing of windows media player is not that simple since to completely uninstall Windows Media player, one has to remove several other related files (registry and mapping files, core files etc.) which require access from the outside (boot from another OS). Anyhow, easily removable Windows Media Player files are located in the following paths (for Windows 7): SystemDrive%\ -> Program Files -> Windows Media Player SystemDrive%\ -> Program Files (x86) -> Windows Media Player Good thing to remove user-related data collected by Windows Media Player, all of which reside in the folders : SystemDrive%\ -> Users -> *your_user_folder* -> AppData -> Local -> Windows Media Player SystemDrive%\ -> Users -> *your_user_folder* -> AppData -> Locallow -> Windows Media Player SystemDrive%\ -> Users -> *your_user_folder* -> AppData -> Roaming -> Windows Media Player gehg I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it did not fix the problem. what now Alex It would be nice if the person that wrote this post would respond to some of these replies so that we may get a better solution to what the problem is instead of posting and running as so many others do. Gordon Everytime you open Media Player 12 the library doesn’t update in a few seconds and on entering organise and update it then proceeds but takes 1-2 hours. On closing and re-opening the programme it starts all over again. Any suggestions ? I have tried unistalling and reinstalling as per above but there was no change. karen i want to do this see if it works for me but im afraid ill lose my music does anyone know if i will or not? jessica smith I did this, and then ended up re-installing it, & the quality of all my songs and etc is shit. I also tried going to programs and files and deleting the folder & it won’t let me because it came installed on my laptop. what can i do to fix the quality ? please help tittytittybangbang worked!!!! thanks a million also reinstalls media center sharjeel world is moving forward and making life simpler, by Microsoft Windows 7 is making the life complex…grt job .. i am trying to install any type of wmp since last one week on my Wondows 7 , but thanks to Microsoft…i failed …. bobit Briliant thanks steven I did exactly as instructed and it made no difference whatsoever. Any suggestions that actually work? rachit same here.it didnt worked at all……. its all folks… SOC Followed instructions, didn’t work. BlogZilla You should be specific about what the author suggested that didn’t fix the problem for you. The procedures he suggests only does a hard reset of Windows Media Player, and nothing else. rsanches I tried to do the steps as you posted, altough it did re-install WMP and WMC, the WMP does not open!! I get a message saying ´´WMP not installed properly. Would you like to reinstall it from Microsoft website“ and then I get redirected to a microsoft website that doesn´t let me download WMP 12!! FUUUUCCCK!!! What do I do ? Thanks! Yung Hove to the Oh no Little Joe looks like you need a new PC fa sho, sittin backin watchin family guy in the snow, your WMP that mf was crazy, cold stone loonie like a young Patrick Swayze, smokin and chokin and tokin on the holiest dope, lickin and stickin and flickin till this forum croaks, shadow my nuts in a mysterious cloak, jabba the hut in this b now I give up my throat. me yo favorite rappa??? rsanches, Hey man supriya want to download windows media player zbik I mean, I’m using N version Windows 7 and doesn’t work! Any idea? zbik I’m using N version Windows & and doesn’t work! Any idea? prince great help!! sariyanta i installed windows vista, but seems like theres nothing in the os, i mean no window media player. and when i’m trying to install wmp 11 it make an appcrash, i read this article and i try it. but there is no media features folder on my os, neither window media network sharing service in service.msc what i supposed to do then? any help will be appreciated admin You’re using N version? Yung Hove to the Yes apparantly this chap has a special version with NITROUS OXIDE, super fast OS using lil mane lmao saigon I did as the instruction but it did not work.Currently, window media player 11 is installed in my computer,will the existing of window media player 11 affect the reinstall of window media player 12.Thanks so much. saigon I did as the guideline but it does not work,now window media player 11 is installed in my computer, so the existing of window player 11 will affect the reinstall of window media 12.Thanks so much. sl200004 thanks superjose Nice. And I thought that I needed to format my computer after that, thanks. 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