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If you are a fan of casino games, you may want to know that this experience has brought a whole new level. With the great progress that the worlds technology has gone through, you can now play casino games over the Internet. There are some casinos that have developed online versions of the games they offer. Among these, roulette, bingo, poker, blackjack, slot machines and craps. With the convenience that online casino games bring, you will not have to travel anymore, so you can gamble. There are plenty of online casinos on the internet. There are some that you are completely comfortable with, while there are some that you are not sure. For you must know with certainty that the online casino you play on good service, log on Online Casino Directory, which is a site that offers a checklist of what you need to know about your choices at online casinos. It also provides a review of the five most famous online casinos. Through this list, you will know where the best deals are at.One of checklists, Online Casinos Directory offers features a list of casino bonuses. Casino bonuses are only available at online casinos. The bonuses offered to online players as a way to welcome them to the online casino. It serves as a reward for the first deposit you make. In addition, bonuses encourage you to play some more. There are even some casinos that give out incentives or bonuses to the subsequent deposit you made when you return to play at online casino. When you are a returning player, you will be benefited from the comp system of online casino. Through this system, you will get a “cash back” if you decide to continue with the game. Not all online casinos offer the same rules or requirements regarding the bonuses that they give out. Online Casinos Directory contains information about bonuses, so you will know the right thing to do to get them. One of the big bonuses that online casinos offer the “no deposit bonus”. Through this bonus, youll be able to gamble online, although you can not transfer your own money. There are some requirements you have to stick to. First are the games that follow this bonus is limited. Next, the wages you have to place should be higher and have to comply. The money that you can draw is also limited. If ever online casino you can keep your winnings, you must use it to play again. Once you are able to receive your first wins, it means that you now have your own money you can use as a deposit for the next game. Although there are several levels requirements you must meet, there is a comforting reassurance that you will be able to pay more when you win again. If you want to know more about this bonus and other bonuses, you can visit the website of Online Casinos Directory.