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Hot gaming meets hot girls in Roulette69, one of the newest adult online venues to hit the servers. There is a plethora of adult sites out there but there arent that many that combines several forms of adult entertainment in one place, but Roulette69 do just that. As a casino offers Roulette69 full range of games and a wide selection of live games. With make this casino otherwise is that the games are More than just gambling which youre rewarded with money. On Roulette69 also youre rewarded with steaming girls willing to take it all off, if you win. In live games section of Roulette69 youll find Blackjack, Roulette, 3 Hand Blackjack, Vegas Nights, and several others. While playing these games, youll be rewarded with LIVE strip tease by some of the hottest casino girls online. You may actually find yourself thinking about money isnt so important anymore! Not all the games on Roulette69 is so juicy as described above. Many of the non-live games, traditional casino games like blackjack, slots, video poker and others. Each of these non adult games range from playful to have mature themes, but they are all aimed at adults and are perfectly designed to provide lots of fun. The live strip tease do Roulette69 one stands out casino that is truly a new development in the world of online adult entertainment. You not only get the quick entertainment and intensity of the regular casino games, but also hot girls show off their assets to you. Roulette69 also gives players a very convenient gallery of their girls, so players can view the talent they will be covered when they win a live striptease. Other Casino Games Based on the adult and regular themed traditional casino games, Roulette69 also has an impressive selection of specialty games that go a little outside the regular casino fair. These incredibly fun gaming giving players a break from the typical casino and adult games and doing a great job of mixing the online gaming experience, so you will never get bored. In this section you will find games such as Pyramid, where you choose a symbol that you hope will be shown when a series of pyramid stone walk. If you manage to reach the top of the pyramid, you can gamble on the symbol behind the golden stone. Guess right and youll win the progressive jackpot game. Another popular specialty games, Cyber Race, a rapid fire, multi-bet game where you bet on a race between two sides of a tie. Payment and Security Roulette69 accept almost any payment option available, giving players a great deal of flexibility when banks at the casino. With respect to safety, the latest in encryption devices employed at the venue with one of the most comprehensive suites security measures an online gaming site can deliver. And if you need customer service you can call them 7 days a week. Different phone lines set to English, French and Dutch speaking players, and you can contact them via phone, live chat or email. Bonuses and Promotions When you sign up on Roulette69 players will be treated to a fantastic set of casino bonuses that blows other casinos out of the water. The first bonus players can take advantage of a contest where you can win your own personal strip show by one of your favorite girls. In the private party of your life competition players can win a vacation on a cruise ship filled with hot girls ready to party. Players can also win other parties in London and Barcelona. For new players, theres a 100% match casino bonus, plus 69$ free on your first deposit, and three free live strip shows. There are several other casino bonuses on Roulette69 which also gives players the freedom to automatically fund your account and free live strip shows that they can enjoy as soon as they join. Given the rare combination of adult entertainment that includes games and live strip shows, with the incredible casino bonuses and promotions, giving players live strip shows, and free casino money, Roulette69 proves to be a full-course dish adult entertainment that satisfies all around and far beyond almost all other online adult site on the web. © Copyright 2008 No deposit casinos